Years ago, when I was a student at the medical school, I was aware that I have set off this journey to make people happier. By the virtue of my open-minded, scrutinizing, and inquiring nature, I became acquainted with medical aesthetics branch which was quite unknown in Turkey then. I followed the path that I believed in and this path led me to School of Aesthetic Medicine Agorà. I had the opportunity to be the student of the best professors and work there. I am still a member of the Scientific Committee of the The International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan, which is organized every year.

Medical aesthetics is a branch of medicine in which non-surgical methods are preferred in ensuring the balance of one’s appearance, which is a part of human health, and thus the psycho-physics balance. Medical aesthetics encompasses a wide range of procedures from hair loss prevention to facial rejuvenation, wrinkle removal to skin tightening, skinspot and scar treatments, to fillers and botox applications, even to slimming, cellulite treatment and hair removal.

25 years ago, I have been a pioneer in the establishment and development of Medical Aesthetics concept in Turkey. I define aesthetics as “the art of imitating nature”. Doing my job, I am trying to blend my know-how and experience of a quarter century in medicine with my interest in arts. I grew up in an artloving family, and my interest in arts became stiffened and improved with the education I got at Italian High School. During my patients’ first visit, I listen to their aesthetic expectations and the first thing I say is “I will try to match your wishes, but I will say the last word.” My aim in doing this is to provide treatments that are compatible with the natural image of the person without any exaggeration, and will allow them to maintain their beauty and freshness for a long time.

I currently accept my patients at my polyclinic in Etiler Nispetiye Street. I work with a young, talented, open-minded, knowledgeable, energetic team who are experts in their fields and who have adopted my vision and principles.

Our Mission

To provide high quality service to the aesthetic expectations of the patients from all segments of the society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the health sector, to ensure that our staff is constantly developing, working safely and happily.

Our Vision

To be an institution that is internationally recognized, world-class, contemporary, follows and pioneers innovations, and is exemplary for other colleagues.

To maintain its existence as an institution that provides the highest quality and equal service to all our local and foreign patients, and where our patients feel that they are in the right place and in safe hands, and all their expectations are fully satisfied.