Acne Scar Treatment

What is an Acne Scar and how does it occur?

When deep and inflamed acnes heal, they can leave scars behind. If the scars are superficial, the skin may recover itself over time. However, if particularly the dermis is affected, the scars should be treated using various methods.


What should be done to avoid acne scars?

The first step is always to prevent acne formation by using the right products and cleansers. Squeezing acnes increases the possibility of scarring. In addition to that, squeezing can lead to prominence in existing acne, increased growth and redness around it. Type of acne triggered by bacteria may also spreads to the surrounding healthy skin.


How are the acne scars treated?

Treatment of acnes and acne scars requires time and patience. The same treatment may not reveal the same results on everyone. Combining several treatment methods always lead to better results in very deep acne scars, i.e. cases where the epidermis is destroyed. Treatment methods frequently used in acne scars are:


Laser resurfacing: It is possible to alleviate acne scars and improve skin appearance with fractional laser applications.

Fat or filler injections: Deep acne scars are made less prominent by applying collagen or fat injection. It needs to be repeated at regular intervals.

Treatments with energy devices: With devices like radiofrequency or IPL, it is possible to make acne scars less prominent without damaging the upper layer of the skin.

Chemical peels: In this process, the upper layer of the skin can be peeled to alleviate acne scars and even to completely heal the superficial scars.

Stem cell treatment: Keratinocyte cells can be applied in 3 sessions with a special method by the physician with 30-45 days intervals after they are reproduced in stem cell laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health.

Needling: With the device with micro-needles (dermapen), the scars can be alleviated by stimulating the tissues under the skin. It is a simple and safe process.

Surgery: With a minor operation, the area of the scars is cut out and the scars are hidden with a tiny stitch or skin graft. In the subcision technique, the fibrous ligaments located under the acne scar can be torn off with special needles and the appearance of deep scars can be alleviated.