Eyebrow Transplant

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrows can permanently shed due to some diseases, skin conditions, traumas, accidents or burns. Nowadays, eyebrow transplant is an effective method for those who have lost some or all of their eyebrows or who demand thicker eyebrows than they have. Although eyebrow transplant is rarely demanded by men, it is an application preferred especially by women.


How is eyebrow transplant performed?

Eyebrow transplant is done by transferring the resistant hair follicles to the eyebrow area with local anesthesia just like done during hair transplant. The most suitable hair follicles for the transplantation of the eyebrows, are the ones on the nape. Apart from this area, hair from the arm or the armpit can also be used depending on the situation; because the hair follicles on the nape and the armpits and arms are the areas that do not shed easily and have the strongest hair structure in the body. While planting eyebrows, the form desired to be given to the eyebrows is planned considering the requests of the person to whom the application is made.


What should be done for post-treatment care?

It is important for the patient to protect the transplanted area from external factors after the application, in order for the new roots to grow in a healthy way. The patient can easily continue his/her daily life after the application. Still, the first 3-5 days are critical, in these days grafts take on to the new areas. Eyebrow transplant area should not be exposed to water for 2 days. The way of lying is very important. The patient should lie on his/her back, protecting the eyebrow transplanted area from rubbing. Hot bath, pool, sauna, sun and solarium should be avoided for at least two weeks. The transplanted area should be protected from hard impacts and friction for 6 months.


How long does it take for the eyebrows grow after eyebrow transplant?

The eyebrow follicles, which are transplanted, are scabbed and shed and new eyebrows usually begin to appear after 3 to 6 months. Success rates in eyebrow transplant applications are very high.