Garshana – Cellulite Massage

What is Garshana – Cellulite Massage?

It is a three-stage and very effective massage technique with slendering and tightening effects. Garshana means ‘dry brushing’ in sanskritic. The massage, which is a traditional Ayurvedic Massage type and made with the help of pure silk or linen gloves / coarse bath-glove (“kese”), removes toxins that accumulate in the fluid among the cells, stimulates circulation and lymph system, correcting the orange peel appearance on the skin. Garshana massage also helps to get rid of the feeling of dullness and numbness in the body and to release negative electricity from the body.


How is Garshana – cellulite massage done?

In the first stage, the body is seated into the steam cabin with the head area outside and the muscles are relaxed and the pores are opened for 15 minutes. In the second stage, using a special eucalyptus-based oil mixture, the problem areas are massaged with a coarse bath-glove (“kese”). This special mixture acts on the channels, allowing the fat accumulated in the body to be excreted in the urine. In the third and last stage, massage is applied with a special anti-cellulite gel, allowing the gel to penetrate deepin the tissues.


How long does Garshana – cellulite massage take?

The three-step application is completed in an average of 60 minutes.


What results should be expected from Garshana – cellulite massage?

When applied regularly and together with its special diet, it visibly reduces the fatty areas and cellulites and tightens the tissues. It also revitalizes and smoothes the skin. It improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and strengthens connective tissues. 


Who can benefit from Garshana – cellulite massage?

It is ideal for those who want to slim, tighten and reduce their cellulites.

How many sessions of Garshana – cellulite massage should be taken?

People who will take this massage for the first time should decide on the number of applications required according to their body types by discussing with the therapist after the first session. It is generally recommended to be taken in 2 packages of 5 sessions. Thus, as the whole body is activated by stimulating with the first package of 5 sessions, special applications are made against the established fat and cellulites by concentrating on the problematic areas in the second 5 sessions.


What should the patients consider to get results from Garshana-cellulite massage?

It is recommended to stop meat, alcohol and caffeine consumption at least 3 days before the application, and to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also important to drink plenty of water.