Hair Mesotherapy (Hair Vaccine)

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is the injection of various vitamins, amino acids, minerals and a number of medicines that stimulate new hair growth, through thin needles into the scalp. It is applied to prevent hair loss and to activate the hair growth.


How does hair mesotherapy work?

With the help of the applied solution and the needles, a reaction is created in the area. This causes blood to accumulate here to evacuate previously accumulated blood, and medication that penetrates into the accumulated blood circulation takes place throughout the scalp. Thus, the hair strands nourish from their follicles. When hair mesotherapy is applied regularly, small blood vessels are formed in the area after a while, which makes the nutrition continuous. While hair mesotherapy delivers the hair follicles what they need, it also effects the area by increasing the number of blood vessels and blood retention skills of the vessels.


In what type of hair losses is hair mesotherapy effective?

No matter why the hair is shedding, hair mesotherapy can be applied to women or men for therapeutic purposes. In addition to the treatments carried out against the causes of hair loss, applying hair mesotherapy speeds up the treatment. Mesotherapy is very beneficial for women, especially in seasonal transitions when hair loss is excessive and during postpartum period. It is mostly used in 3 types of hair losses.


  • Alopecia (ringworm)
  • Genetic male pattern hair loss
  • Hair loss in women


What is the frequency of the mesotherapy applications?

Depending on the need, it is applied once a week, with 2 weeks or monthly intervals, for a total of 6 to 10 sessions.


Which medications are used in hair mesotherapy?

A cocktail consisting of vitamins, keratin structural elements, amino acids, collagen boosters, medicines regulating blood circulation, and elastin is prepared. This mixture is delivered into the scalp through very fine needles and in small doses. Medications reaching the capillaries that are densely located in the mid-layer of the skin, take effect quickly.


Is the application painful?

Mesotherapy needles used in the application do not cause any irritating pain as they are very thin.


When do the results of mesotherapy appear?

Usually after 6 sessions, hair loss slows down, and after 10 sessions it completely stops.