Hand Rejuvenation

What is Hand Rejuvenation?

As an answer to the question “Where do you look first in the opposite sex?”, the hands option is always in the top five for both sexes. If they are beautiful and above all well-groomed, they emphasize femininity as much as a generous decolletage or smooth body lines, and they attract attention.

Why do hands age early?

Considering the facts that hands are exposed to a large amount of sunlight like face and neck; that they have constant contact with chemicals such as soaps and detergents; and that the necessary protection is not provided, it can be concluded that early aging of the hands is inevitable. As a matter of fact, hands easily reveal the age, like neck area. In addition to loss of  moisture and elasticity in the skin, if they not properly protected from ultraviolet rays, dark-colored sun spots and age spots are formed by the aggregation of melanin pigments. Besides, when the subcutaneous tissue decreases are accompanied by lines formed on the surface of the skin, people start to hide their hands, which they proudly showed in their youth.

How is the hand rejuvenation application performed?

Protection is essential in the aesthetics of the hands. It is very important to wash the hands with appropriate substances, wear gloves when doing things that require usage of chemical products or during various sports activities, use nutritious and stabilizing creams to restore the deteriorated moisture and oil balance, protect them from harmful rays of the sun. However, in cases where damage occurs in various sizes, modern medicine can now respond to many problems by minimizing the effects of aging on the hands. The most common complaint is brown spots. However, it is not difficult to erase them and provide the skin with a homogeneous and spotless appearance.

With the burning effect of cold, cryotherapy, chemical resurfacing, intense pulsed light and laser applications, a spotless skin surface can be provided painlessly in one or a couple of sessions. In laser and light treatments, the spot area that absorbs light energy is recovered by the body, after it gets darker in a week. Once a month, depending on the status of the spots, in 3-6 sessions, the problem can be completely eliminated. With high-concentration chemical acid applications that reacts differently from lasers, the skin is peeled and spots are removed. Following a controlled burn on the acid-treated skin, the undesired brown spot is peeled off spontaneously.

Are the methods used in hand rejuvenation painful?

Although definitions such as acid, burning, and peeling are used, these are very easily tolerated, non-painful applications.

How can fillers act in hand aesthetics?

Besides the spots, many people complain that their hands have lost their fullness and look too bony. For the solution of this problem, polylactic acid (PLA) injections or lipofiller applications, which means the injection of fat taken from another part of the body into certain areas after being processed, are used. PLA injections are specifically designed to restore volume loss and improve skin quality of the hands. Thus, it is possible to experience tissue repair and skin fullness in the hands. The desired fullness can be achieved in hands in one or more sessions.

How are the lines on the hands removed?

The solution of the lines on the hand is microinjection methods that provide deep moisturization and nourishment of the skin. These usually contain the molecule called hyaluronic acid, an important building block of our skin, a molecule with high water retaining capacity, and other proteins important for the skin, which are also involved in the structure of intraocular and intraarticular fluid. With the sessions planned once a week, the desired healthy skin appearance can be achieved at the end of 5-6 weeks.