How is Skin Care Applied?

What is a Skin Care?

It is a comprehensive care performed by trained specialists with professional products and in accordance with the needs of the skin.


What are the benefits of skin care?

Skin care with the right products in expert hands, helps to eliminate or alleviate acne problems, smooth spots, provide anti-aging and lifting effect, tighten pores, and to moisturize, shine and smooth skin.


Who should have skin care?

Starting skin care from an early age will make our skin look better and healthier in the future. Skin age is more important than the actual age of the person. Our recommendation to anyone who wants to invest in the future for the skin, is to have a professional skin care routine once a month, starting in their 20s.

How is skin care applied?        

In order to protect the skin’s health and radiance and maintain its normal functions, it is extremely important to apply routine skin care with products appropriate for the skin type. Details such as which products to choose, session intervals, and the duration of the sessions are completely set depending on the needs of the person. After determining the skin type, the appropriate treatment, and the products which are appropriaate for the skin type, the skin care application is started. A basic skin care usually consists of 5 basic stages:

  • The first step is to clean the skin with a cleanser appropriate for the skin type.
  • The pores of the cleaned skin are opened with peeling and steam treatment, and the blackheads are removed.
  • An appropriate tonic and a moisturizer are applied.
  • An appropriate mask is applied.
  • The mask is removed, tonic and cream is applied with the appropriate serum for tightening, and skin care end with massage.


What is the purpose in professional skin care and how often is it applied?

The purpose of a professional skin care that will be applied once a month is to deliver the care products to the lower layers of the skin, ensuring the continuity of the skin’s youth and freshness.

However, in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the skin care to be applied once a month, the person should carry out routine skin care at home as well. With products appropriate for the skin type, the skin must be cleansed daily, and hydrated regularly with an appropriate moisturizer.