Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Whereas body hair can be removed somehow, the facial hair is generally a bigger problem, causing serious psychological problems. Hair growth in the facial area is mostly due to hormonal reasons. The underlying cause must be investigated. It is important that hormonal therapy starts simultaneously with hair removal application.


Is the structure of the facial hair different from body hair?

Facial hair grows faster than the hair in other areas. Due to the hormonal sensitivity of the facial area and the fast hair cycle, laser type to be used should be carefully chosen. Appropriate device selection and effective dosages are essential for successful results. It should not be forgotten that if laser hair removal with appropriate wavelength and adequate dosages are not applied in the facial area, no results can be obtained, triggering may occur and it may be necessary to deal with more while trying to get rid of the hair. Alexandrite lasers can cause an increase instead of a decrease in the facial hair. Therefore, though the skin color is light, the face, neck and nape are the areas where Diode lasers are used the most.


Does skin color affect the success of the treatment in laser facial hair removal?

In laser hair removal applied to the face, better results are obtained in light skinned people. Therefore, tanning needs to be avoided before laser hair removal application.


How many sessions should be applied in laser facial hair removal?

Although the application varies from person to person, it is completed in an average of 6-10 sessions. Working with experts in this field, right diagnosis and choosing the right laser device play an important role here.


Laser Hair Removal for Upper Lips

The hairs that women are uncomfortable with are the ones in the upper lip area. Women can even worry about the thin and light hairs in this area. Diode lasers, which are mostly preferred in the facial area, are used in the upper lip area.


Laser Hair Removal for Chin

Hairs on the chin, like other hairs on the facial area, usually occurs due to hormonal disorders. First of all, the underlying hormonal cause needs to be treated. Diode lasers should be preferred if there is widespread hair on the chin.