Laser Genital Area and Underarm Whitening

Laser Genital Area and Underarm Whitening

Color changes in the genital area and underarm, which are important cosmetic problems for many people, can be successfully treated with laser. These color changes can be caused by hormonal causes, laser hair removal, waxing, sweating, excessive deodorant use, using synthetic underwear, pregnancy, contraceptives and aging.


How is the laser genital area and underarm whitening applied?

Laser genital area and underarm whitening process is one of the fractional carbon dioxide laser applications. It is an effective method used to prevent conditions such as color darkening and blackening in the genital area or underarm. The process is painless and no pain is felt during or after the application. Immediately after the application, the patient can continue her daily life. It is recommended to wait an average of 1 week before returning to sexual life.


How many sessions are required for the genital area and underarm whitening?

Although one session is generally sufficient for laser whitening, some people may need more than one application. In laser genital area whitening processes, inner labia, outer labia, vaginal access, anal area, rectal area or genital area can be whitened. Lasers can also treat color changes that occur throughout the skin, such as blackening of the nipples, elbows and knees.


What should be done after laser whitening?

After fractional laser bleaching, your doctor may recommend some creams for you to use for a few days. These creams are very useful for faster recovery. Mild side effects such as edema, mild blister, redness and blackening may occur on the day of application and on the following few days. These heal spontaneously in a short time. From the 2nd day after the procedure, scabs appear on the skin. The skin continues to exfoliate for 2 to 7 days.

On average within one month, the renewed skin texture from below provides a homogeneous, bright, plump and healthy appearance in the treated area.