Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal in Men’s Aesthetics

In men’s aesthetics, methods for getting rid of unwanted hair are the most popular ones. Especially men who complain about ingrown hair or hair on the cheekbones, eyebrows, nape, earlobes, neck, hands, shoulders, back and chest, permanently get rid of unwanted and ingrown hairs with the laser hair removal method. With this method, it is possible to obtain an appearance that is completely free from unwanted hairs, or by keeping the application short, thinning the hairs and leaving them weaker.

Laser Hair Removal for Back

Laser hair removal applications are significant facilities for people with excessive hair growth on their backs.

Trying to get rid of excessive hair on the back with classical methods is a very painful process. Back hairs are are thick and located deep in the skin. The type of laser to be used must act in deep areas. The most effective lasers preferred in back hair are Diode lasers.


Laser Hair Removal for Chest

The hair in the chest area and those in the back have similar features. Men often demand thinning of their chest hair rather than complete removal. Diode lasers are preferred for the chest area. However, if people with fair skin feel too much pain, Alexandrite lasers can be preferred. 


Laser Hair Removal for Nape

Hair growth from the nape area to the back can be observed in both men and women. The hair in this area is usually very thin and can take a long time to remove completely. Diode lasers are preferred as the first choice for hair growth in the nape area of men.

Laser Hair Removal for Neck

In men, the neck is considered within the shaving area. This is where ingrown hair and hair follicle infections are most common. Laser hair removal is the best option for these problems. Ingrown hair gradually disappears in time by laser hair removal application. 


Laser Hair Removal for Cheeks

Laser hair removal in the cheek area is the most preferred hair romaval area for men. Diode laser is preferred for the application in this area.