Laser Vagina Tightening Application

What is Laser Vaginal Tightening Application?

Every woman’s vagina is different from each other, and vaginal lips (labia) in each woman are unique in appearance and color. Situations such as difficult births, large births, abortions, incisions during delivery, aging, genetic factors cause loss of elasticity, enlargement or decreased sexual pleasure in the vagina over time. In such cases, the woman may feel sexually inadequate, causing her to feel embarrassed and lose her self-confidence during intercourse. In addition, the frequency of intercourse may decrease, as his partner will not enjoy enlarged vagina less.

This is the treatment of the problem with laser applications in cases that do not require surgery, that is, when the deformation and enlargement of the vagina are not advanced.


For what purposes is laser vaginal tightening done?

  • Providing an aesthetic appearance to the genital area
  • Treating pain during intercourse
  • Increasing sexual pleasure
  • Preventing common vaginal infections


How is laser vaginal tightening done?

Fractional lasers (CO2) or fractional erbium lasers (Er: Yag) are used for laser vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. A probe is inserted into the vagina to the deepest point along the canal. Laser shots are made to the vaginal walls at varying energy levels. Laser rays stimulate the vaginal mucosa, connective tissue and shorten collagen fibers. Tightening and constriction occur.


What are the advantages of laser vaginal tightening?

Laser tightening takes an average of 10-15 minutes. The important advantage of laser vaginal tightening compared to surgical tightening is that the tightening is provided along the entire length of the vagina. After the application, there is an increase in the folds in the vaginal mucosa.


Is laser vaginal tightening a painful application?

This application is painless. No anesthesia is required. Since a recovery period is not required after application, the person can return to her daily life. There may be a slight discharge and burning after the process. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 1 week.


How many sessions are required for laser vaginal tightening?

Generally, 2 sessions, which are applied with an interval of 1-1.5 months, are sufficient. The number of sessions can be increased if needed. The process can be repeated every one or two years.