Local Slimming with Cooltech Cold Lipolysis

What is Local Slimming with Cooltech Cold Lipolysis? How does it work?

It is a treatment in which the fat is removed from the body in a programmed and controlled manner by freezing areas where local fat deposit is most common, especially the flanks, abdominal areas, hips, legs, upper arms, and the buttocks at -8 degrees with the help of the device developed for cold lipolysis.

How is Local Slimming with Cooltech Cold Lipolysis applied? 

Cooltech Cold Lipolysis takes 70 minutes on average and is an extremely comfortable application. It is an ideal method for those who want to get rid of their local fats but prefer non-surgical options to a surgical solution such as liposuction. Prior to the application, a special anti-freezing pad is placed on the target area to prevent skin damage. By placing the special heads of the device on the pads carefully, the device is started and the undesired fats are vacuumed into the heads and the freezing starts. Cold Lipolysis is applied to two different regions with two different heads at the same time. Therefore, it is possible to target undesired fats in two different regions in a single session. After the vacuum process, undesired fats that are drawn in for 70 minutes are frozen in a controlled manner at -8 degrees and death of these fat cells is ensured. The patient does not feel any discomfort during the process, and after 70 minutes the device automatically turns off. After the heads are removed, the procedure is completed by applying a special massage for a few minutes to increase the circulation and regulate the effect of the vacuum.

Are there any side effects of Non-Surgical Slimming with Cooltech Cold Lipolysis?

The patient does not feel any pain during the local fat removal process with Cooltech Cold Lipolysis. There is only a mild feeling of coldness in the application area, but this is not a discomforting feeling. This comfortable application taking 70 minutes has no side effects if applied correctly.

How many sessions are required for Slimming Process with Cooltech Cold Lipolysis application?

One session is generally sufficient for Cooltech Cold Lipolysis application. However, there is no inconvenience in applying more sessions depending on the abundance of undesired local fats, application area and targeted slimming. However, the session intervals should be minimum 2 months.