Local Slimming with VelaShape 3

What is VelaShape 3?

In cases where diet and exercise are not sufficient, VelaShape 3 offers an effective non-surgical application for the treatment of problem areas. Using deep heating technology, it treats stubborn fats and areas with cellulite. VelaShape 3 is an easy-to-use, comfortable, in-depth and repeatable body contouring treatment. Velashape 3 allows you to reach a tighter and shaped body, usually in 3 sessions, and look younger and more dynamic. The treatment also stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin and tightens the skin.

It is a non-surgical treatment option for body contouring that reduces adipose tissue and cellulite. CE and FDA approved application has no side effects. The application is extremely comfortable and painless.


How does VelaShape 3 work?

The VelaShape 3 system uses technology in a combined way. While the target tissue is increased with a vacuum, which is an energy source, infrared rays heat the application area. Thus, the treated area is heated faster without damaging the skin and with the bi-polar radio frequency energy, heat is spread evenly over the targeted area. The heat generated by this energy affects the fat cells and reduces the appearance of cellulites.

By means of the deep tissue heating supported by vacuum technology, collagen and elastin cells in the skin are stimulated. This stimulation means more collagen and elastin cell production. Thus, the skin tightens, the tightening of the skin provides slendering of the body silhouette, while a significant improvement in the quality of the skin is observed.

In which areas is VelaShape 3 applied? 

  • Hip
  • Legs
  • Abdomen

In addition, individually designed applicators for large and narrow areas provide a safe and effective treatment option for the whole body.


Is VelaShape 3 a safe application?

FDA has confirmed that this application is convenient for all skin types and that it does not have undesirable effects. Clinical studies and researches also reveal that there are no side effects in the short or long term.


Who can benefit from VelaShape 3?

Almost everyone can benefit from this treatment, which is extremely effective in local slimming, tightening and alleviating the appearance of cellulites.


When do VelaShape 3 results occur?

In general, a noticeable decrease in cellulite occurs after the first 3 sessions. The most effective results usually start to appear about 8 weeks after the first session.