Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non-Surgical Face Lift (Rejuvenation) Methods

In the last 20-25 years, technologies have advanced a lot, both on the basis of substances that provide volume to the soft tissue, fill wrinkles and lines, and in the field of biomedical devices. It is possible to make somebody both feel good and look good with small touches. We can look 3-5 years younger with the fillers applied just in a lunch break.


What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift (Rejuvenation)?

Non-surgical face lift techniques are methods that eliminate signs of aging without any surgical procedures. With non-surgical lifting and skin rejuvenation applications, it is possible to get similar results with the surgical procedures today.


What are the advantages of non-surgical face lift (Rejuvenation)?

Non-surgical methods do not have irreversible radical results unlike surgical procedures. In addition, huge costs involved in surgical operations are not paid. Since there is no recovery period, patients can turn back to their social lives and works on the same day. There are no side effects which occur during surgeries. General anesthesia is not required. Since most of the applications repair the subcutaneous tissues, aging measures are taken, thus investments are made in the future. 


The most effective non-surgical face lift methods

·         Injectable applications

Botox, fillers, PRP, mesolift, Hyaluronic acid injections, Salmon DNA etc.

·         Laser application

It is a facial rejuvenation method that is effective by heating the skin and subcutaneous tissues with laser shots focused on 1-1.5 microns depth of the skin. Collagen is shortened when heated and the skin is stretched. The collagen starts to regenerate. Thus, regeneration occurs on and under the skin. Light and moderate wrinkles, spots and superficial pimples and scars can be removed with lasers. Improvements can be seen in deep wrinkles, spots and scars.

·         Focused Ultrasound applications

Focused sound waves are delivered to the thin membrane (fascia) just above the muscle, providing a tightening. It supports the restoration of the oval of the face and the recovery of the forehead. It provides a non-surgical solution in just 30 minutes. ‘Ulthera’, approved by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA, is defined as face lift with focused sound waves. It is effective in skin tightening and face lifting. It provides long-term benefits and does not damage the outer layer of the skin. It is ideal particularly for the eye area. Drooping eyelids and the eyebrows are raised significantly. The difference of this method from others is that the physician can see the skin area he/she is treating with the help of ultrasound, and shoots at that point. He/she reaches a depth that laser and radio waves cannot.

·         Facial rejuvenation with Gold Needle (Needle Radiofrequency)

Radiofrequency energy is transmitted to the skin through micro needles and controlled coagulative injury occurs on the skin. In the application, the coagulation areas at the desired depth in the dermis are created, while the integrity of the epidermis is preserved. The natural recovery process begins in the damaged areas and new collagen and elastin production increases. The loss of elasticity due to age and environmental factors is eliminated, the jowl is recovered, fine lines are smoothed, and a smoother, firmer and younger skin appearance shows up. The pores shrink, the skin tightens, and the facial oval restores.

·         Facial rejuvenation with thread (French Strap, Spider Web Aesthetics etc.) 

Although the applications carried out in this area are referred to as “non-surgical thread face lift”, “V-lift”, “spider web aesthetics”, “thread lift”, “silhouette lift”, all methods are actually the same non-surgical face lift procecesses. The threads used are the ones that have been used in surgical applications for years and are fully compatible with human tissue. So there is no risk of allergies and they are safe. These threads have cone or fishbone protrusions that helps lifting up the tissue. Since they have a flexible structure, they adapt to facial movements. While some of the threads serve to lift up the skin and subcutaneous tissue, some of them work for skin regeneration.