Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with ClearLift™

What is ClearLift™?

ClearLift is a laser technology used in skin rejuvenation. It is a method of replacing damaged, irritated skin as an alternative to conventional skin treatment and structuring practices and face lifting processes. ClearLift can also be used on delicate skin that is too sensitive to be treated with other laser applications. Very efficient results are obtained especially in areas such as around the eyes, neck, mouth and lips and chest. ClearLift treatment stimulates new collagen synthesis, erasing the effects of years from the skin, eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

ClearLift generates remarkable effective results with a single treatment. There is no need for local anesthesia or special care after treatment.

How does ClearLift work?

ClearLift opens thousands of microscopic holes in the treated area. These tiny holes that are invisible trigger the skin’s self-healing mechanism. This increases the skin’s collagen production.

ClearLift provides a controlled repair without damaging the epidermis. Application takes place in the lower tissues of the skin. Since it gives heat up to 3 mm under the skin, it is not necessary to numb the area before the application and the skin is repaired without damaging the upper skin. It provides quick results and easy application.


How many sessions should ClearLift be applied?

The number of sessions required for ClearLift depends on the skin structure and how the skin responds to treatment. Applications take an average of 20 minutes. 3 to 5 sessions of ClearLift is usually sufficient to obtain effective results. The application is carried out with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks.

In some cases, even a single session is sufficient. The appearance of the skin becomes even more perfect with every single application and it gets its best form in 3 to 6 months. Results may differ depending on the structure of the skin. Very impressive results are obtained especially in tightening the neck area.


On which problems is ClearLift effective?

  • Lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Capillaries and redness
  • Looseness in the eyelids
  • Wrinkles in the neck and cleavage
  • Dark appearance around the eyes
  • Appearance of large pores
  • Scars
  • Color imperfections in the skin
  • Spots caused by pregnancy
  • Rosacea and capillaries


What are the advantages of the ClearLift application?

  • No need for preparation or anesthesia prior to the application
  • Offers a painless application
  • No need for a recovery period and special care after application
  • Tightens saggings or laxity (anywhere in the body)
  • ClearLift is very effective in tightening the neck skin where many systems remain incapable.


Is ClearLift a painful application?

Merely a feeling of warmth is experienced during application because ClearLift sends laser energy 3mm below the skin, targeting the source of wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin structure.

The treatment is very fast, usually it takes no more than 20 minutes and you can immediately return to your normal life.


Which skin types can be treated with ClearLift?

It can be applied to all types of skin, even to tanned skin.


Is it necessary to repeat the treatment? 

ClearLift reverses the signs of aging but cannot stop the aging process. Remember that aging is a never-ending process even if your skin quality reaches its previous state after application. For this reason, it is recommended to have another cure of ClearLift 1 year after the treatment.