Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening with ENDOlift Laser Network

What is ENDOlift Laser Network?

ENDOlift is a combined laser application that integrates skin rejuvenation and facial contouring. Being effective in facial sagging, chin, neck areas and bags under the eyes, the application offers an easy and safe option without requiring any incision and anesthesia.

Who can have ENDOlift application?

It can be applied to every age group of men and women, and to every skin type according to their needs.

Who can benefit from ENDOlift application?

ENDOlift offers satisfactory results especially for people with skin laxity and excess fat tissue.

What should I expect from ENDOlift application?

ENDOlift application dissolves the localized excess fat in the midface, lower face and jowl area, and tightens the skin that sags. The appearance of horizontal lines in the neck region can be reduced. The jaw line becomes more defined. It can eliminate the deformation caused by the loss of elasticity under the eyes to a large extend. It increases the elasticity of the skin and improves skin quality.

After ENDOlift application

* A lipolysis reaction takes place immediately
* Slight saggings on the face and neck dissapear
* New collagen formation is activated
* Metabolic functions of the extracellular matrix are activated
* Localized excess fat tissue decreases
* Skin tightens
* Jawline and facial contour become more defined


How many sessions are required for ENDOlift application?

Single session is sufficient for ENDOlift application.

Is ENDOlift a painful application?

It is an application with minimal pain. The application is performed by air cooling, but if the patient prefers, local anesthetics can be applied.

What should be done for post-treatment care?

No special care is required. Following the application you can return to your daily life immediately.

What are the advantages of ENDOlift?

* No anesthesia is required, merely air cooling is sufficient
* Offers safe and instantly observable results
* Reveals long-lasting effect
* Single-session treatment is sufficient
* No incisions required, no scars
* No bleeding or bruising
* It is an easy process that can be applied in the clinical environment.
* Does not require recovery time after treatment
* Can be combined with other aesthetic applications

When do the results occur?

After the application, there is an immediate recovery as a result of the fat tissue dissolved in the area, and the collagen production, and consequently tightening continues for the next 3-6 months.