ONDA Coolwaves Therapy and Cellulite Treatment

What is ONDA Coolwaves Therapy?

Coolwaves Therapy is a new treatment method. ONDA is the first radiofrequency device that uses microwave energy used in many fields in medicine, for the first time for aesthetic purposes. FDA approved ONDA is the only system that refers to special microwaves that selectively target fat cells and reduce localized fat deposits in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. With its tightening and slendering effect on cellulite and loosened tissue, the device provides effective results in the treatment of cellulite.

How does ONDA Coolwaves Therapy work?

In this painless application, the target area reaches a temperature of 50 – 55 °C in just two minutes, so that the membrane structures of the fat cells are disrupted and the cells become smaller. In ONDA Coolwaves Therapy, as a result of high speed flickering of microwaves in fat cells, there occurs a very rapid increase in heat. In less than 10 minutes, the fat cells are damaged from the inside, the fat inside is discharged into the fibers, that is, a kind of sweating occurs and these fats are thrown into the lymphatic system with the help of macrophage. ONDA gives the patient a massage feeling with the cooling unit in contact with the skin by means of its patented heads.

What are the advantages of ONDA Coolwaves Therapy?

  • It is a single session application
  • Session duration is only 10 minutes
  • It does not cause skin irritation. Slight redness may occur but disappears in a short time
  • It is painless
  • There is no known side effect

What result should I expect after ONDA Coolwaves Therapy?

With ONDA Coldwaves Therapy, while the regional adipose tissue decreases, fibrous bands are stretched in the subcutaneous tissue with cellulite, the collagen fibers in the dermis shrink instantly, and the formation of new collagen is stimulated, the loose tissue tightens and the skin quality increases.

Which types of Cellulites does ONDA Coolwaves Therapy treat effectively?

ONDA Coolwaves Therapy is suitable for all types of cellulites between 1 and 4 degrees.

Is ONDA Coolwaves Therapy a painful application?

ONDA is a comfortable and effective application as it does not create warmth in the upper layers of the skin. It does not cause pain.

What are the side effects of ONDA Coolwaves Therapy?

ONDA Coolwaves Therapy has no side effects. Slight redness may occur after application but disappears within minutes.