PicoWay Laser

What is PicoWay Laser?

PicoWay is a significantly  innovative picosecond laser. Using ultra-short pulses, PicoWay completely removes resistant tattoos, dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions and benign pigmented lesions in any color and type, that cannot be removed with traditional Q-switch lasers, by using 1064 nm & 532 nm double wavelengths in one system.

PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the tattoo pigmentation into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

With the highest power PicoWay, applications with the shortest picosecond pulses are comfortable for patients. PicoWay revolutionized lower energy treatments by means of picosecond pulses 40% shorter than other systems.


Areas of Application

  • Dermal, epidermal pigmented lesions
  • Removal all tattoo colors
  • Seborrheic keratosis, melasma
  • Nevus, Becker Nevus, Nevus Spilus
  • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation


Why PicoWay Technology?

According to scientific studies, the shorter the pulse duration, the higher the efficiency for converting laser energy into the mechanical stress. The generated mechanical stress is necessary to fracture particles into small fragments. The smaller the fragment, the easier it is for the body to effectively remove it.

Q-Switched technology requires numerous treatment sessions, and causes significant discomfort during treatment. In many cases, incompletely removes tattoos and pigmented lesions. Picosecond technology has an ultra short pulse duration of about one-trillionth of a second, 1000 times shorter than Q-switch lasers. PicoWay is the first and only system developed for indelible tattoos or more complex pigmented lesions.


Shortest Picosecond Pulses, Highest Power

With its proprietary mode of action, PicoWay has the highest power and shortest pulse time in the world compared to other picosecond systems. PicoWay’s ultra-short pulses create the photoacoustic impact necessary to break up pigment particles and remove lesions better with less treatment.

Are applications with PicoWay painful?

Less heat dissipation with PicoWay; it provides less side effects and pain. Since the system affects smaller particles, the lesions are perfectly removed. No scars remain after treatment.