Skin Rejuvenation with Baby Face Beauty

What is Baby Face Beauty?

Baby Face Beauty is a new generation skin rejuvenation system in which an advanced laser application is enhanced by dermocosmetic ampoules with special content. The system, which provides the ideal medium for the rich content of Baby Face Beauty bulbs to be ultimately absorbed by the skin, accelerates the healing of the skin from the inside out. Specially formulated Baby Face Beauty ampoules renew, rejuvenate, brighten and treat spots. Baby Face Beauty system uses Thulium Laser technology and is FDA approved. With Baby Face Beauty, all skin types can be treated safely throughout the year, and with its advanced mode, various treatments can be performed such as cosmeceutical delivery, improving skin color and texture, and diminishing pigmented wounds.


How does Baby Face Beauty work?

With the laser mode (easy or advance) chosen by the physician, 6,000 micro channels with a diameter of 100 microns per minute are pierced on the skin. Meanwhile, nano-particle ampoules containing vitamin C, Retinol, Tranexamic acid, Resveratrol, and stem cells are prepared according to the problem in the skin. The selected product is applied to the skin after 4-5 minutes of laser application. Finally, LASEMD cream or mask is applied and the session ends. In a single session, both the effects of the laser and the antioxidant, anti-aging and illuminating and brightening effects of the products can be used.


How does the Baby Face Beauty differ from other lasers?

  • Short treatment time (10-15 minutes)
  • Painless method
  • Short-term redness and tenderness
  • No special care is required after application
  • Can be applied to all skin types
  • Can be applied in all seasons
  • Products used with the laser accelerate recovery from inside out by creating synergies.


Why Baby Face Beauty?

The penetration rate of anti-aging creams and serums applied on the skin surface is one per thousand. This hinders the skin from achieving optimum results even from the most effective ingredients. Lutronic Baby Face Beauty Thulium Laser technology provides anti-aging substances to be absorbed by the skin by means of its innovative mechanism of action. In doing this, it combines the benefits of the laser system, which fights against signs of aging, with the effects of anti-aging substances, resulting in rapid and effective results.


The application is painless. Baby Face Beauty Thulium Laser assisted skin care system series consist of active ingredients that has effects on different skin problems. Since they all have a nano-molecular structure, they easily reach the target by passing through the heat channels created on the skin. With this technology, products entering the channels continue to recover from inside out even after the channels are closed.

The contents of special patented products sent from the micro-channels to the lower layers of the skin;

  • Ascorbic acid, which is a vitamin C derivative, is an essential antioxidant for healthy skin functions; it strengthens collagen and elastin fibers and provides skin regeneration. It is one of the most effective ingredients known to protect the skin from damages of the sun and repair existing ones.
  • Retinol, which is a vitamin A derivative, is an effective ingredient that improves skin quality by treating lines and wrinkles.
  • Tranexamic acid; This content, which is very effective in the treatment of spots and reducing scars, is also very effective in diminishing age spots.
  • Resveratrol provides anti-aging effect on the skin. Delivers brightness and color. It is the most preferred anti-aging active ingredient.


For what purposes can Baby Face Beauty be applied?

  • Skin care
  • Pore and skin tightening
  • Skin whitening
  • Removal of dullness on the skin
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Anti-aging care
  • Melasma
  • Scars
  • Neck and cleavage care
  • Spot treatment (Freckles, age spots)


How many sessions are required for Baby Face Beauty application?

Depending on the purpose of the treatment, 3-4 sessions can be applied at 2 weeks intervals. Even a single session is quite satisfactory in terms of its results.