Skin Rejuvenation with Focused Ultrasound

What is Focused Ultrasound?

Focused ultrasound application is an important option that yields satisfactory results in non-surgical face lift processes. It is one of the most popular scalpel-free treatments that offer maximum effect. These devices provide solutions for a non-surgical lifting effect in a short time of 30 minutes. “Ulteherapy,” which is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA, is defined as “face lift with focused sound waves”. The system is effective in skin tightening and face lifting, provides long-term benefits and does not damage the outer layer of the skin.

How is focused ultrasound applied?

The physician scans the skin and sends focused sound waves to areas that need treatment. After the application, a deep heat occurs under the skin. This deep penetrating energy activates the skin’s self-repairing mechanism and stimulates collagen production.


How long does focused ultrasound application take?

30 or 60 minutes session is sufficient for the application. Afterwards, the person can return to his/her daily life.


Is focused ultrasound a painful process?

Before the process, a local anesthetic cream is applied. Though it is not painful, a heat is felt during the process.


How many sessions are required for focused ultrasound?

Generally, 1 session of this treatment is sufficient. For those with severe saggings, a second session may be required.


In which areas is focused ultrasound used?

It can be used on any area of the face, including forehead, eye area, mid-face and lower face. It is ideal particularly for the eye area. The drooping eyelid is lifted and eyebrows rise up significantly.


What is the difference of this method from others?

The most important difference is that the physician can see the skin area he is treating with the help of ultrasound and shoot at that point. Sound waves reach a depth that laser and radio waves cannot.


Does the treatment require a preparation?

After making your appointment, you don’t need any special preparation or skin care before treatment. The application helps you fight the effects of the sun, gravity and time in a single session without disrupting your social life.

Some patients see an initial effect immediately after treatment, but results emerge after 2-3 months when the new collagen formed, that tightens the neck, chin and forehead. Although it does not achieve the results of a surgical facelift, it offers a clinically proven non-invasive good alternative for patients who avoid surgery or would like to prolong the effects after a surgical facelift.