Spot Treatment

Sunspot Treatment – Melasma 

Sometimes one-week vacation at the seaside may be sufficient for the formation of skin spots, but it may take about 3 years to get rid of them. Although sunscreen is used, new ones can be added to the spots on the face and shoulders every year. Because, there may also be spotting, not only because of sun rays, but due to the structure of the skin, genetic factors, some drugs used and radiation in the environment as well.


Why are there more spots on our skin than before?

Scientists refuse to explain to what level the ozone depletion has reached, but the hole on the South Pole is growing. Depletion in the ozone layer is growing every day. Our mothers used to tell us that they used to put on cocoa butter and sunbathed, but today it is impossible to do so. One of the biggest problems caused by the sun is the sunspot problem.


Is it just the sunlight that causes spots on the skin?

There are many factors that cause skin spots. Hormonal disorders, tetracycline group antibiotics, some birth control pills, and vitamin A derivative drugs used during acne treatment lead the skin to be sensitive to daylight and spots. Skin color and genetic factors are also effective on spots. In addition, even spraying perfume before going out can be the cause of spots alone.


What are the methods for sunspot treatment?

Methods used in sunspot treatment:


  • Chemical Peels
  • Anti-Blemish Creams
  • Laser Applications
  • Golden Needle (Needle Radiofrequency)
  • PRP
  • Mesotherapy


Fighting against spots is often not possible with a single form of treatment. Neither creams alone nor peeling treatments are sufficient. A number of light sources were also used, and some of them were found to further increase skin spots. However, it is possible to minimize them with new treatment approaches. These are: Q-switch Nd:YAG laser, which can also remove tattoos. Fractional lasers can be used in the treatment of spots by peeling the skin and removing the spot. It burns the pigment that forms the spot with laser energy, then the body’s defensive cells remove the burning pigments.

Is laser application alone sufficient for sunspot treatment?

In some spots, laser treatment alone is not sufficient. Spots maintain their presence in the vascular structure. It is possible to reach this area with DYE lasers. However, this two-way combined laser treatment is not sufficient either. PRP method is used to repair cell damage in the area. In other words, by utilizing the growth factors of the body’s own platelets, that tissue is repaired. Thus, the multi-colored image can be eliminated. In addition, it is essential to continue the treatment at home with medications specially prepared by a pharmacist. And of course with a strict sun protection.


How long does sunspot treatment last?

Spot treatment is usually a process that can last up to 3 years. With the Q-Switch laser, you can remove 64% of the spots, but the remaining 36% can repeat with the exposure to the sun in the following summer.


Is it possible to get rid of spots completely?

We can say that it is possible to get rid of the spots with Lasers, Golden Needle applications and home treatments.


How should the sunscreens be chosen?

It is necessary to choose a sunscreen on physician recommendation. Because, sunscreens should be used according to the risk level of, particularly, the problem skin. It should be renewed every 2-3 hours. Even in the city, it is always necessary to use sunscreen with high protection factor. Those with 50 factors and above are recommended.