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Hand Rejuvenation

What is Hand Rejuvenation? As an answer to the question “Where do you look first [...]

Laser Genital Area and Underarm Whitening

Laser Genital Area and Underarm Whitening Color changes in the genital area and underarm, which [...]

Tattoo Removal

How many sessions are required for tattoo removal? By means of Pico lasers, the number [...]

Fractional Laser

Stretch Mark Treatment with Fractional Laser Stretch marks are scarred tissues that occur on the [...]

Lipolysis (Local Slimming)

What is Lipolysis? Lipolysis is an effective local slimming, local fat reducing method. The main [...]


What is Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy is a medical process for aesthetic purposes developed in France for [...]

Wart Treatment

What are Warts? Warts are benign small raised bumps caused by the human papilloma virus [...]

Scar Treatment

What causes scars? We use the term scar for the traces left after injuries caused [...]

Treatment of Skin Tags

What is a Skin Tag? They are small outgrowths of skin that are higher than [...]

Laser Treatment

What is Laser? Today, lasers are such a part of our everyday life that there [...]