What is Reflexology?

Reflexology, which has been practiced in China, India and Egypt for thousands of years, is a treatment method carried out by applying mild pressures to the soles of the feet and certain points of the body. The nerve endings of all organs in the body are gathered at the soles of the feet and in the palms. The signal is sent to the brain to communicate more with the related organ or muscle group. The brain, which has become alarmed by the signal intensity, starts to self-repair by focusing on the relevant organ or muscle group. With the first session, a significant reduction in pain, a decrease in digestive system complaints, an increase in energy or a mellow drowsiness, need for drinking more water are observed.


Which complaints does reflexology massage heal?

Many ailments are treated by reflexology by stimulating the body’s self-healing system. It is good for stress, insomnia, migraine, digestive problems, stomach ailments, allergies, leg pain, cramps, low back pain, back pain, bladder inflammations, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, constipation, diarrhea, ear infections, gynecological diseases, fever, gastritis, hay fever, headaches, vertigo, menstrual pain and tension, and depression. As the sessions progress, many complaints will end at their own rhythm diminishing from session to session.

How does reflexology massage do this?

Reflexology massage does this with the fuel we intake, namely food and drinks. Our body perceives everything that is natural and digests comfortably. It cannot detect unnatural, processed, chemical added foods, and uses great energy and power to break them down.

With FEEL GOOD EATING, ART OF EATING programs, which include all vegetables, fruits, legumes, meats, raw nuts, breakfast food and alcohol applied together with reflexology, the system initiates the process of stress-free work and self-repair. Since the body is nurtured with defined and natural foods instead of undefined ones, the brain, communication network, hormones and digestive system start to work stress-free.

How is reflexology massage applied?

Reflexology massage is applied to dry skin with thumb presses. It starts with the feet, continues to the palms, back and neck, and is finished by applying it to the head area. In order to feel the points clearly, no oil or any other liquid is used. It is not a foot massage. Therefore, while pressing, a mild pain, a pleasing warmth that rises upward along the meridian, or a slight electrical sensation can be felt. When the session is over, an actual  relaxation, a mild drowsiness or an increase in energy are observed.